9 and 1/2 weeks….ahem!

And we’re in single figures….

Only 9 weeks to go until the date I’ll be induced and (fingers crossed) we’re heading home with our baby after a smooth, quick labour (yes please). I’ll gracefully sashay out of the hospital to crowds of paparazzi and well-wishers, rocking my newly coiffured bonce and Jenny Packham frock obvs. Who am I kidding, I might brush my hair and attempt a hint of rouge but I’ll be very surprised if I manage to leave the comfort of my pyjamas. I’m planning on staying in them for at least the first couple of weeks.

We had our 28 week scan recently, everything is going good and he/she is currently weighing in at 2.9lbs (jel :)) although carrying it around it feels a lot heavier. Turning over in bed is becoming a tad difficult, I’m considering getting a pulley operated system fitted in the bedroom especially and I never thought I’d see the day where I have to sit down and take a breather whilst straightening my hair. I’ve never been the fittest of people but I could at least tie my own shoelaces without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack.

The daily wardrobe struggle is taking longer each day as I try and squeeze myself into suitable work attire, the moment the clothes are shed at the end of the day (read 5:30 as soon as I’m through the front door) is the best relief ever. It’s like that taking off your bra moment x 100, although I daren’t be long without such an article these days due to the rapid increase in size. I’m sure I’ll look back with fondness when I’m having to tuck them into my socks.