Kick me Baby One More Time!

I can’t believe how quick this is going. Just over 12 weeks to go and panic is starting to set in.

How many nappies will we need?

Is there such a thing as too many wipes?

Does it really need a name?

I’ve stopped relying on One Born Every Minute for essential info and have finally signed up to some parenthood and breastfeeding classes in the hope they might prepare me a bit more. I still haven’t even thought about a birthing plan. I think I read so much about IVF whilst going through it that now we are finally with child the pregnancy books have been cast aside to make way for my monthly Elle fix and some celeb gossip weeklies.

I did however make the error of booking the parenthood class for the Sunday morning after a wedding, so the other half wasn’t best pleased, he struggled with a clear head at the embryo transfer so being (more than likely) hungover whilst discussing the ins and outs of labour might not be the best thing for a squeamish OH. I’m tempted not to change the date just to make him suffer and get my own back for going through the past 7 months or so sans vino.

A comfy nights sleep is starting to become a distant memory. The child has taken a liking to hanging out by my ribs so feeling like my chest is about to burst open has been a common occurrence. If it’s not causing me to feel like my ribs might spontaneously combust then it spends it’s time merrily thrashing about and kicking away at my insides. Lovely stuff!

However, I’m finally relaxed enough to feel like it’s for real and I think I may be at the point where I’m starting to enjoy being pregnant…. …..the thought of going on maternity leave in approx. 8 weeks might have something to do with it too mind 🙂 Roll on 7th July!!! Bring on the box sets (just for the 3 weeks before baby arrives obvs)


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