Kick me Baby One More Time!

I can’t believe how quick this is going. Just over 12 weeks to go and panic is starting to set in.

How many nappies will we need?

Is there such a thing as too many wipes?

Does it really need a name?

I’ve stopped relying on One Born Every Minute for essential info and have finally signed up to some parenthood and breastfeeding classes in the hope they might prepare me a bit more. I still haven’t even thought about a birthing plan. I think I read so much about IVF whilst going through it that now we are finally with child the pregnancy books have been cast aside to make way for my monthly Elle fix and some celeb gossip weeklies.

I did however make the error of booking the parenthood class for the Sunday morning after a wedding, so the other half wasn’t best pleased, he struggled with a clear head at the embryo transfer so being (more than likely) hungover whilst discussing the ins and outs of labour might not be the best thing for a squeamish OH. I’m tempted not to change the date just to make him suffer and get my own back for going through the past 7 months or so sans vino.

A comfy nights sleep is starting to become a distant memory. The child has taken a liking to hanging out by my ribs so feeling like my chest is about to burst open has been a common occurrence. If it’s not causing me to feel like my ribs might spontaneously combust then it spends it’s time merrily thrashing about and kicking away at my insides. Lovely stuff!

However, I’m finally relaxed enough to feel like it’s for real and I think I may be at the point where I’m starting to enjoy being pregnant…. …..the thought of going on maternity leave in approx. 8 weeks might have something to do with it too mind 🙂 Roll on 7th July!!! Bring on the box sets (just for the 3 weeks before baby arrives obvs)


24 weeks…when did that happen?

It’s been a while since I last blogged (2 months to be exact, according to WordPress). I thought it had been around 1 month max. I need to sit down and catch up on everyone else’s too, I feel like I’ve had no time lately. Just goes to show time does fly when you’re having fun….I do use that term loosely.

Many milestones have now been reached since my last blog. The biggest being making it to 24 weeks and viability this week. Finally I’m at the point where I feel I can relax and accept that we are going to have a baby.

Other milestones include;

* Becoming many pounds heavier……in terms of weight

* Becoming many pounds lighter… terms of money

* Lots of movement. It’s clear we have a pretty active baby (unlike its mam) it’s usually after a meal so obviously enjoys it’s grub (very much like its mam)

* Getting 1 month into my new job and starting to feel like I’m finding my feet….on the flipside I am extremely excited at the prospect of around 10 months maternity leave starting in 11 weeks time. Woohoo!

We have also bitten the bullet and finally purchased a pushchair/travel-system/buggy whatever it is you choose to call it (the Mama’s n Papas Armadillo Flip XT if you’re interested), along with a car seat and a new car to put it in. The baby has to travel in style after all…and it saved me a job of cleaning out the old one. We’ve also opted for the Chicco co sleeper crib for the early days and we now have the grand total of 4 x babygros. So you could say we’ve made a start on the preparations. I’ve stopped having anxiety attacks at the thought of going into Mothercare anyway so progress has been made. Although I did almost pass out in Mamas n Papas the other week (nothing to do with the total cost).

Since we have allowed ourselves to start buying stuff I have noticed a distinct lack of unisex options for newborns in the shops…..unless you’re a fan of cream or grey. To be fair I’m a massive fan of grey, as anyone who has been to our home will testify (most rooms are a shade of grey…not in that way ladies) but I’m constantly on the lookout for brighter, more vibrant options, mainly so they are not camouflaged against the paintwork and we can easily find him or her. Maybe I’m just picky as I’m still having the same struggles finding maternity wear for myself, I seem to spend most of my free time queuing up to return items that looked great on the model online but don’t quite work on me. Maybe I’m a weird shape as well as picky……who knows.

Milestones my OH would point out would probably be the increase in my complaining, it’s on another scale. I’d love to be one of those women who love/d being pregnant and embraced the changes with open arms. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier and am super excited about the outcome but overall I don’t think me and pregnancy get on.

Thankfully now that we can feel it moving around it makes it all feel worthwhile but I do look forward to a time where I’m not downing more Gaviscon than water, lying on my left side to stop myself passing out and being able to sleep comfortably without firstly constructing my jigsaw of pillows.

Next steps are to start thinking about a birthing plan, I’ll get round to that once I’ve stopped distracting myself by pinning pretty nursery ideas on Pinterest. #priorities