When your ‘big knickers’ simply aren’t big enough!

I’d like to start by thanking Sir Philip Green for the current range of stretchy high waist leggings available in Topshop. You sir, have got me through the festive season. I couldn’t have left the house without your help. Friends please note, I now own several pairs of these so am not in fact living in the same trousers day in, day out. Special mentions must also go out to Boohoo for their range of swing dresses, at least these come in different colors so I almost look like I’m mixing it up a bit.

I know a bit weight gain is to be expected….especially when you add the festive season into the mix but when you can no longer fit into ‘those pants’, the ones reserved for time of the month or the last few days of an all inclusive holiday you know you might be eating a bit too much. I’m not sure it’s even the quantity of food, it’s probably more down to my choices. At the moment all I want is salty foods, usually stuff with gravy. I’d probably have gravy on my Rice Krispies (other rice based cereals are available) if the opportunity arose.

I’m not going to be too hard on myself though, I’ve read that it’s easier to get back into a healthier eating regime in the 2nd trimester….I’m guessing that’s because I might have some actual energy to get back in the kitchen. Here’s hoping.

Apart from the constant rustling of sweet wrappers, this has been my quietest Christmas ever, I have ‘forced myself’ to socialise on the grand total of 3 occasions. I’ve found it quite difficult to get motivated to go out and got upset at myself the other day for choosing to stay in in my pyjamas rather than go out with friends, it’s not like me to turn down a night out. I’ve been assured that it’s perfectly normal to want to go into hibernation mode in early pregnancy so that makes me feel a bit better…..and a bit stupid for weeping over staying at home with exclusive use of the remote control. I think I’m over it now though, I went out last night with no issues (it may have been the thought of a proper cooked meal that swayed me mind).

So, as the last hours of 2014 approach, and only the rubbish hard centres are left in the tin of Quality Street I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

We started our 2nd frozen cycle on 1st January 2014, and although we always remained positive I don’t think we quite expected that we would start 2015 being almost 10 weeks pregnant. As well as being our quietest Christmas it’s also been the best and we can’t wait for our 1st one as a little family next year. Right, soppy stuff out of the way…..soz!

Happy New Year y’all. Thanks for reading over the past few months and thanks for sharing your stories. I truly hope everyone gets what they want and deserve in the year to come. Much love xxx

4 thoughts on “When your ‘big knickers’ simply aren’t big enough!

  1. Clare says:

    2015 is going to be a fab year!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us, its been enlightening, emotional and quite fantastic! KeeeEeeep blogging and every best wish for the future x


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