1st Trimester – Sick as a chip


I’ve had dinner and I’m still running through the contents of the fridge and kitchen cupboards in my head. Not because I’m hungry (for once) but because the only thing that seems to stop the nausea is constant eating. I’m sick……of food! A sentence I never thought would leave my mouth.

I initially welcomed the morning/all day/night sickness with open arms. I was actually looking forward to it, a sign that we had finally gotten what we had wanted for years. However after feeling sick constantly for the past 3 days I’m starting to feel a bit fed up of it. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world but a brief reprieve would be appreciated. I also feel bad for moaning about it and often find myself apologising to P for it. I almost feel like it’s frowned upon for someone in our situation, people who have gone through so much to get to this point, to now be moaning over what others may see as trivial. Yet women who fall pregnant naturally without encountering any issues probably don’t give it a second thought when complaining about feeling tired or nauseous etc (just my opinion, I may be wrong). Why should we feel bad for complaining though, to be fair we’ve already endured enough side effects, upheaval and emotion before getting pregnant so maybe we’re entitled to more complaining if you ask me.

When not complaining (or sleeping) my other main thing is finding a food to help ease the nausea. I found myself eating handfuls of dry Rice Krispies at midnight 2 nights ago because it was the only thing I could stomach. A low point! I’ve actively searched forums and websites looking for peoples suggestions and have so far experimented with green apples (hmmmmm), ginger biscuits (maybe) and Salt and Vinegar crisps (personal fave, although this is probably down to the fact that they’re crisps rather than helping to ease the nausea).

So, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to stock up on multi-packs of crisps until I find an alternative. It’s probably best that I stock up on yet more pairs of stretchy trousers too while I’m on, it is the season to eat, drink (non alcohol obvs) and be merry after all. If we’re to be merry then it possibly means that I need to stop complaining too.

Actually, while I’m on! When will I start glowing? My skin currently resembles that of a hormonal teenager, I could probably get a walk on part in Grange Hill or whatever it is teenagers watch these days. Right, rant over…..promise!

9 thoughts on “1st Trimester – Sick as a chip

  1. I love that – “when will I start glowing?” I’ve been glowing… but it’s only a sheen of perspiration from having gastro for five days. I wish it was morning sickness! (Yes you can berate me!) Hope you feel better & can get back to enjoying being pregnant 🙂

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  2. gail a thompson says:

    Happy Christmas to you ALL pet, let me know when i can open my gob about the wonderful, happy news, i am sure i resemble a fish like creature, as when talking to anyone i open mouth to depart news then think OH NO not yet, shut the mouth ha, hope you get everything you want from santa tomorrow, oh but then you really have it all now [ obs not from santa though ha] take care chick lots of love me and him xxx


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