So here it is Merry Christmas…….

Just a brief lunchtime update today, I’ve been mega busy and stressing about yesterdays scan that I forgot about writing to be honest.

So we’ve made it this far, we had our 1st scan yesterday and everything is as it should be. I measured at 6 weeks 2 days and we have been given an expected due date of 30th July 2015. I think it may be finally sinking in!


We’ve been set free from our lovely clinic and can return to the normality of our usual GP. Great news but I must admit I feel a bit nervous about not having their support anymore, it all feels a bit scary.

Luckily the festive season is upon us, so that should hopefully help us to relax until the 12 week scan. I’ll remember to write also, especially seeing as though there’ll be no alcohol/hangovers to deal with this Christmas. A Christmas with no gin…..imagine that!

I’m off to see Kasabian tonight so let the festivities commence. Mind, I had to plead with OH to allow me to go, he was (understandably so) worried that I may get knocked or get caught up in the crowds but I’ve promised I’ll stay at the back and do nothing more than tap my foot and applaud. All very civilised! I’ve been to hundreds of gigs and can honestly say the only time I’ve ever been involved in any incidents/altercations was at a Boyzone concert….don’t judge me people, I was only there doing my duties as a nice big sister.

I’m also off out tomorrow for our girlie Christmas night out. I’ll try to stay awake past 9pm but I struggle with 2 nights out in a row as it is, God knows how I’ll do it now that all I want to do is eat or sleep. They’ll probably find me knocking out some zzzzzzz’s next to the buffet table.

So here it is Merry Christmas! Best Christmas present ever, the baby obvs….I’m still coming to terms with the Gin free Christmas part πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “So here it is Merry Christmas…….

  1. gail a thompson says:

    hope you had a great night lindsay, i just warning you but 2 nights ago i had a dream [ feel like breaking into song there ha] it was about you, you had TWINS i really enjoyed the dream, hope you both have a lovely christmas, take care pet, lots love gail xxxxx

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