I’m only sleeping…….or eating!

According to an IVF due date calculator I found online I should be 5 weeks & 5 days pregnant today. Mind you, the website doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 1989 but I’ll take it, it’s nice to have an idea.

To my other half it probably feels like it’s been a lot longer (ps I’m going to call him P from now on, in order to save 9 characters and prevent the onset of RSI). I don’t know if it’s the anxiety of the scan approaching or dare I say it again…..the hormones, but I’ve been a tad irritable this weekend (soz P). I’m normally a placid, happy go lucky kinda girl but on Friday I went as far as to beep my horn at someone who dared to stay stationary at a green light for 3 seconds longer than needed! I know, Michael Douglas in Falling Down has nothing on me!

It’s been pretty quiet on the symptoms front, unless you count the already expanding chest area. The soreness is unreal, sensitive is not the word! I swear they could pick up a gentle draught from a door closing. My sense of smell is heightened massively too (maybe sensitive is the word after all). As redundancy is fast approaching I could put this new found skill to good use, I should maybe consider a move into the Police (not the band). I could certainly give some of their sniffer dogs a run for their money at the moment.


I think tiredness has been the main thing for me so far. I’m not complaining, I don’t need an excuse to hit the sack, but getting out of it’s been a struggle. P might be complaining though, tiredness does not make for an lovingly created dinner. I usually love cooking but I’m afraid the ready meal/pizza aisle in Marksies has seen some action this past week. It’s making me worry about how I’ll eat healthily during pregnancy, one cannot survive on crisp sandwiches alone for 8 more months! I’m hoping this is just a ‘brief’ phase and I’ll be back in the kitchen rattling those pots n’ pans before long. Unless of course dearest P takes pity on me this evening, decides to channel his inner Jamie Oliver and rustles me up a banquet fit for a king…..or I’d make do with a banquet fit for a tired girl going through her 1st trimester of pregnancy. *pretends to be asleep until dinner is served*


8 thoughts on “I’m only sleeping…….or eating!

  1. jen.g says:

    Thanks for the follow! Congratulations on your BFP!! I used to make my husband nice dinners every night too….poor guy has been eating tostitos or whatever he can quickly get his hands on lately. I just don’t have the energy. Looking forward to following your journey!

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  2. All sounds pretty normal! First trimester is so exhausting but now I’m in my second I defo have more energy. That being said, although I too love cooking my DH has had to take on a lot more dinner duty. ..We’re growing humans. ..It’s tiring!

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