Eating for two???

A week in since we got our positive result and I’m still not sure it’s sunk in for either of us yet. To be fair I have spent the majority of the week with my head over the toilet bowl or the ‘sick bucket’ that has taken up residency next to my side of the bed, so I haven’t had much time to dwell on it. After making and scranning a curry on Sunday night….with sides….followed by profiteroles, I, unsurprisingly so, began to feel a bit sick. I convinced myself that I’d eaten too much, usually I can put away impressive amounts of food without being ill so a bit of me also thought maybe it was morning sickness kicking in.

I pretty much threw up every half hour from 9pm through to the following morning, although by 2am it was more like 10 mins of retching (and crying) every 30 mins (lush). Of course I then started to panic that something was wrong, I’ve had an ectopic in the past and remember feeling sick beforehand so was thinking that maybe it was happening again. Luckily (for me, not for him) the other half rushed in after only being at work for 40 mins with exactly the same issues. I felt bad for him but it put our mind to rest that we’d simply picked up a bug that other family members have recently had.

So, after 2 days of a diet consisting of bananas and toast we’re both starting to feel ‘normal’. Although my appetite seems to have done one – I’ve just been practically force fed some soup.

Now that my head is less preoccupied with vomming, I can begin to concentrate on other matters and try and take in the fact that we are pregnant (it still feels really weird saying that). Although I don’t think we’ll really begin to let ourselves believe it until at least the 1st scan which is 2 weeks today…..more waiting.

In the meantime I’ve been reading up on all of the important things like what to wear (I like to think I’ll channel Kourtney Kardashians maternity style but no doubt I’ll end up more Courtney Love), which ‘travel system’ to buy (what happened to the good ol’ pushchair) and of course updating the list of potential names (this mainly involves removing the other halfs suggestions).

It’s difficult to blog about your pregnancy when not much is going on, well nothing that you can see or feel anyway. In a weird way I’d actually been looking forward to morning sickness but after this week I think I could happily take it or leave it now…..I’ve done my bit, hoping for plain sailing after this. For now I’m just going to lie here, ride the waves of nausea and dream about the day I feel up to devouring that second helping of profiteroles.

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