In the words of Morrissey…….Still Ill

I forgot to update this after I’d had the call from the clinic about our remaining 5 embryos. Mainly because I’m still feeling dreadful so have been spending the time trying not to die (too dramatic?) or just moping around feeling sorry for myself (more likely).

I spent the first couple of days convincing myself that being ill would have a negative impact on the transfer and panicking every time I coughed or sneezed. I’ve spent the rest of the week googling stories of transfers followed by illness and am happy to report there are a lot of success stories around so I’ve calmed myself down.

In a way, feeling like this has distracted me from feeling or looking for any symptoms of a positive result so it may be a blessing in disguise. It hasn’t stopped my other half from symptom spotting though. He excitedly asked if I’d been being sick after a particularly noisy coughing bout in the bathroom this morning, I felt bad explaining that in fact I’d just been coughing my lungs up. Lovely stuff!

Anyway, illness aside and back to the important stuff. The embryologist called to let us know that along with the 2 top quality ones that they were freezing that day one of the remaining good quality embryos had developed significantly also so we now have 3 in storage in total. I was a bit disappointed initially that the other 2 hadn’t made it but we have to be grateful for the ones we have. Hopefully this one will stick around and we’ll not need to see our little frozen friends just yet. All will be revealed on Wednesday.

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