The Appliance of Science

I planned to write this yesterday after the transfer but as soon as we got back I felt the horrible cold (that I only recently got rid of) returning. So I was a little preoccupied with feeling like crap and worrying that every time I sneezed our little embryo might fly out and ricochet around the front room.

After a decent nights sleep (no one could ever accuse me of not getting my 8 hours) I’m almost feeling back to ‘normal’, apart from the usual bloating. I say bloating, I’ve put on half a stone since starting this cycle. I’ve no doubt that most of it is down to the medication, but the fact that I’ve been pretty much mainlining carbs for the past fortnight can’t have helped matters. So apart from having a cold and barely fitting into my clothes, things are fine….oh I forgot about the ridiculously sore chest-icles, I almost wept when I removed my bra last night. I wouldn’t care, it’s not like I’m blessed in that area. Let’s take a moment to think about those poor women who are better endowed than me in that area and also have to endure this side effect of the progesterone pessaries. God bless you ladies. Troopers!

Anyway, about yesterday. We arrived at the clinic with plenty of time to spare (a first), I noticed they had changed the radio station….I wonder if they read my last post?  We were called in and met with the embryologist and one of the nurses to go through the results from the egg collection. It was my favorite nurse, she always says my hair looks lovely so that’s what has earned her the accolade. They were transferring a top quality 5 day hatching blast and freezing the remaining 2 top quality ones the same day. The other 3 of good quality were still developing so they are going to call me today with regards to their progress.

We were taken to the ward and given our fetching gowns to wear for the procedure. This is usually the most challenging part for us, every time we struggle with which way to put them on, in the transfer room I spotted the embryologist had hers on the other way to us……wrong again! Still, feeling not too dissimilar to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman ready for a meth making session, we were ready to go.image

Considering past struggles with locating my awkward cervix I’m always prepared for a not so straightforward transfer. However this time it was the easiest ever, my cervix was playing nice and we were in and out in seconds….literally. It helped that the nurse had hand drawn a ‘map’ of said cervix location on our last transfer to help her should she need it again. Another reason why she’s my fave, I might ask if I can have a copy to frame for above the fireplace 😉

With it being a 5 day transfer we only have to wait 9 days for our test to determine if it’s worked. 1 day in I haven’t googled symptoms but I am already dreaming about a hot bath, this is the thing I find hardest during the 2ww,  a warm bath just won’t cut it. I’m just going to have to make do with a shower to try and steam out this cold. At least the sneezing has subsided so I can uncross my legs.

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