Eggs-cellent news (sorry)

Just had the call from the clinic. All 6 are still going strong, 3 excellent quality and the other 3 good quality. Needless to say we are chuffed with that outcome, I even burst into tears after the phonecall haha #hormones

We’re back there on Monday afternoon for the transfer and then comes the dreaded two week wait. So from Monday stashes of pregnancy tests will be binned, I’ll be disconnecting the internet to avoid Googling and I will not walk around cupping my breasts every 2 minutes to gauge soreness whilst trying to determine if it’s worked or not. Scouts honor!!!

Only a brief update today as I’ve got an important date….it’s my beautiful nieces 1st birthday party, I’m on DJ duty (sister is very trusting) and I’ve also appointed myself chief buffet taster. Have a great weekend and rave safe kids!

True dat!

True dat!

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