Sunny Side Up

Yesterday we arrived at the hospital for our egg collection at 8:30, not sure why but we both felt really anxious this time around. I think it’s because on your 1st cycle although you know all the stats etc you’re still excited and convince yourself it’s going to work. This time around you feel a bit more informed, know more about the procedures and know that the outcomes aren’t always what you expect.

I’m not a fan of hospitals (like most people) but this one I can handle. It’s more homely, the staff are lovely and it has a nice relaxed vibe about it. Although if I had a say I would recommend they fix the hot drinks machine and change their preferred radio station….but you can’t have everything.

We got settled in and dried off after being caught in a downpour on our way from the car to the hospital (twice, as I’d cleverly left the consent forms on the car seat). The drowned rat look worked really well with the no make up for treatment policy….I was looking hot!

All checked in, the other half was ordered into a small room to ‘make his donation’, I warned him to take his time so as not to show me up πŸ˜‰ and I was taken into theatre to be sedated ready for the collection. You can’t beat a bit of sedation after months sans booze.

10 minutes and a bit of prodding later I was back on the ward and left to doze and recover for an hour or so. The most painful bit was having to endure a bit of Neil Diamond on Smooth Radio.

After a cuppa and some toast (most of which was scranned by OH) we spoke to the embryologist who told us they had collected 11 eggs. Good work! We’ve had the call this morning to say that 9 of them matured and 6 have fertilized. Now it’s just more waiting (it’s what we do best) until Saturday when they’ll call to let us know if they’re going to transfer that day or take them to Monday.

In the meantime I’m going to get my glad rags on…..if I can still fit into any of them and enjoy a girls night out tonight. Designated driver obvs!



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