The shots are on me

We had our final scan today and ta-daaaa we have 12 follicles in all, ranging from 16 – 25mm. Quite a growth spurt over the weekend, the only time I’ve ever actively encouraged a gaining of size when it comes to my body. If my hips had added millimetres this quickly you would find me in a heap on the floor whilst screaming at the other half to fit a lock on the fridge pronto.

This mornings shots

This mornings shots

Egg collection is 8:30 am on Wednesday which means no more injections, apart from the HCG ‘trigger shot’ in approx 10 minutes time. We’re excited to get cracking with the main event and I’m totes excited about the prospect of a lie in tomorrow after around 5 weeks of early morning drug related alarms. I’m even looking forward to the sedation for the egg collection….any extra ‘sleep’ is welcomed. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome but for now I’m off to shoot up for the final time hopefully.

The final shot! Hallelujah

The final shot! Hallelujah

13 thoughts on “The shots are on me

  1. 12 follicles sounds great! I haven’t even officially started my IVF yet, but I hear you on looking forward to sedation and anything else that gets me more sleep. I hope your trigger shot went smoothly, and good luck on Wednesday! So exciting!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Good luck tomorrow. I’m still catching up on your posts but from what I’m reading all looks good, 12 follicles is a nice amount.


  3. Gemma says:

    Wow 12 is a good number Hun everything crossed for you sending loads of pma your way and hoping for lots of lovely embryos by the time embryo transfer comes round xxxxxx


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