Flaming follicles!

Just a quick update after a visit to the clinic earlier today. I went for a scan to check the Menopur is doing what it’s meant to be doing…..apart from just making me a nightmare to live with. Although to be fair it is making me sleep loads so my fella does get a bit of peace now and again.

We had a good response on our 1st fresh cycle so I wasn’t anticipating any problems. The nurse pointed out the follicles on the screen (I nodded and pretended I could see something as per). After commenting that my lining was looking good “like a jam sandwich”?!?! She told me the ones on my left ovary are quite small and borderline in size, whilst the lead ones on the right ovary are looking bigger and are already at around 15mm. Egg collection is still pencilled in for Monday 3rd November but she did mention maybe extending my course of drugs and moving the EC back slightly if the smaller ones don’t catch up. I have another scan at some point on Friday so they can determine what to do.

In the meantime you can find me lying with my legs in the air to encourage blood flow, knocking back protein like there’s no tomorrow and wearing 17 layers to keep my tummy warm. If it needs to be pushed back then so be it but I’m hoping the little blighters grow by Friday.

2 thoughts on “Flaming follicles!

    • Thank you. I’ve no idea to be honest, I’ve heard people say use a hot water bottle on the tummy to encourage growth but then I’ve also heard people say not too. Who knows…..it’s a minefield x


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