You won’t like me when I’m angry (or on Menopur)

3 days in and the mood swings have well and truly begun. I almost wept whilst helping my lovely partner with a presentation he had to prepare for work last night, just because it was taking longer than expected. Totally irrational, I mean it’s not like I had any plans or anything……apart from going to bed…..and to be fair we were finished by 7:15. I was happily tucked up in bed with a caffeine free cuppa by 8pm and indulged myself in a cheeky little cry after catching 5 minutes of Surprise, Surprise whilst he was in the shower.

I should have a stash of DIY SOS or other tear inducing shows on hand to watch for those moments where you feel like having a little cry, but you don’t actually feel sad. On my last cycle I often found myself having a cry on the drive to or from work, no idea why….I didn’t feel sad or upset, I just get that feeling that I NEED to cry. I could often be spotted pulling up to a junction wiping away tears whilst simultaneously laughing at myself for crying.

It’s very weird. It’s like those days around your period where you know you’re being a complete pain in the arse but you can’t help yourself. We always try and lighten the mood and take the piss out of my ridiculous behaviour when it happens but I still can’t help but feel bad for it. Thankfully my other half is completely supportive (even when I’m being a dick) and doesn’t take it to heart. In fact I couldn’t choose anyone I’d rather go through IVF with more… you would choose to go through IVF if you didn’t have to. He’s always got my back, tries to make me laugh when I feel like crying and most importantly lets me cry when I need to cry.

We’re one of those (probably) annoying couples who claim not to argue, don’t get me wrong, when we first moved in together we had some major disagreements, red wine was thrown (a waste on reflection), plates were smashed and I moved back with my parents on an almost weekly basis (soz mam). We got it all out of the way back then and are now pretty content, going about our daily business with the occasional bit of pointless bickering thrown in for good measure, the drugs are just helping us along with that bickering.

So although we’re only 3 days into this phase the side effects are making themselves known (Maybe I should get my parents to make up the spare room in case things spiral)?  Lets just hope that they’re also doing the work they’re meant to be doing and that my follicles are being stimulated (ooh er).




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4 thoughts on “You won’t like me when I’m angry (or on Menopur)

  1. carolinep9 says:

    Love your blog and your openness. Truly refreshing to read as I am about to start this journey! If men had to go through this, do you think there would be this many blogs about it? They’d probably get every penny of treatment paid for them, paid leave from work, and a scantily-clad nurse to come to their house and give them their shots.


  2. This reminded me so much of me! and also how supportive my man is. We have some patient dudes to put up with the hormonal (monthly or otherwise) craziness. Awesome read, thanks for the laugh 🙂


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