Just Another Manic Monday….

So after a fairly rubbish end to last week- a stinking cold, coupled with a rejection email following my first interview in months, I decided this week would start with a fresh bout of positivity. Yesterday, I jumped (rolled) out of bed at 5:45 excited that the 1st scan date was finally here. IVF can be a pretty dull experience, with lots of waiting in between appointments, so when they come round it feels like things are moving again.

I showered, got dressed and put some slap on ready for the appointment, pretty pointless considering they spend most time down t’other end, but you have to make an effort now and again I suppose. I high fived my partner and clicked my heels in the air as I left the house (ok I made that bit up, I’m just trying to paint a picture of excitement). However, come 7:30am I was beginning to understand why Bob Geldof doesn’t like Mondays.

We live around a 30 minute drive from the fertility centre so leaving at 7:10 for an 8:10 appointment  would normally give me more than enough time…..not today! 7:30 and I’d only managed to get around 4 miles from home, 8:00 and I’m still miles from the fertility centre. The traffic was definitely against me, and the fuel light was on (standard)! I called the reception, panicking that they would say they wouldn’t be able to fit me in, and that it might impact on me starting the next stage, but they were as lovely as ever and just told me to get there when I could.

Arriving at 8:45 I took a seat and flicked through a copy of Pro-Cycling…..not my usual choice of reading material but I suppose the title is quite relevant to the environment I was in. Anyway, you have to find something to do as making eye contact or attempting small talk in these situations can be a tad awkward.

Thankfully, after my not so smooth start to the day I got seen to pretty quick and was in and out within minutes. The scan showed that things are going to plan and the old menstrual cycle has been well and truly suppressed. Wahey, so onto the next lot of meds.


Tuesdays supply prepped

I’ve been very lucky this time around during the down regging stage and haven’t really suffered as much as I have in the past. Apart from the tiredness, bloating and headaches it’s been pretty minimal….especially on the tears front. So we’ll see how I cope with the next lot. It’s always comforting to see a recurring theme with the side effects though. How much bloating can one person take!


So, all is good in the hood and we’re looking forward to next weeks scans and the impending egg collection/transfer stage. In the meantime, it’s payday tomorrow and the Topshop sale is on, so what’s not to be positive about?

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