Downregging Drag

This cycle seems to be dragging on forever, my 1st scan isn’t until next Monday morning so it’s been pretty quiet on the IVF front but everything seems to be chugging along nicely…..especially the expanding stomach area.

Even my moods haven’t been bad this time (other half may have his own opinion on this) and there has been a distinct lack of tears. I had a meal out with the family at the weekend, inc 1 x pregnant cousin, another cousin with 4 month old in tow and my own little sister with her own little 11 month old. Usually I’d be wary of this set up and be nervous that all the talk of pregnancy and babies would set me off, or at least have me necking Sauvignon Blanc like it was going out of fashion (unfortunately that option is off limits at the mo). I put my big girls pants on (literally) and held it together all evening, it does help that they are all extremely cute I suppose. Mind, I was quite emosh about not having a vino, so swings and roundabouts.

So, without IVF to stress about this week I’ve been handed something else to keep me on my toes…..a job interview tomorrow afternoon. I’m being made redundant in March so always knew I’d be job hunting at some point so it’s not like it’s out of the blue, they’ve timed it well too….3pm, just around the time the daily headache and fuzziness appears so hopefully I’ll be able to string a sentence together.

So today, I’m concentrating on positive vibes…..for both the interview and for Mondays scan. I did have tickets to go and see the comedian Paul Foot this evening (they do say laughter is the best medicine but I’ll stick with the ones I was prescribed in this instance) however it’s been rescheduled to February so I’ve resorted to noting down the nice things from today to keep the positive vibes flowing;

I started the day with a green juice. This is a sentence I never thought I would write. Considering the majority of green juices I make taste like the contents of our garden waste bin, I have managed to make one that was actually enjoyable, I never thought I’d see the day when I craved green stuff. Who knew???


Met up with a friend on my lunch break for a coffee (decaf) and cake (I need an intervention). She’s lovely, but one of those annoying types who can have 17 Biscuit Boosts for lunch and not put weight on, mainly because she’s what I like to deem ‘an athlete’. She’s into this thing called running, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it. Basically, its a bit like walking but faster and involves neon clothing and getting out of breath. Ridiculous ….it’ll never catch on.

New shoes – self explanatory

Johnny Marrs new album got me through the working day and boring commute. I only have to look at this man to feel positive (each to their own). Oh, and it’s a canny album too!

More nice things have happened…..but I should maybe step away and do some more research before tomorrow’s interview. Not everything can be enjoyable x

One thought on “Downregging Drag

  1. Clare says:

    Your green juice is delicious, I never thought I’d be converted but I have been! Oh I can probably eat 18 biscuit boosts without putting weight on but we’ll not split hairs! Good luck for tomorrow, you’re on a roll (not tootsie) !! xxx

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