Diet Dilemmas!!!

Considering we’re only 13 days into downregging the daily Buserelin injections are already doing their best at making me look 3 months gone. All the fun of being pregnant……without actually being pregnant. I once read somewhere that Sue Perkins will lose weight to prepare for the recording of a series of Great British Bake Off (topical) so that she can happily munch her way through a hand raised pie without a thought for the extra calories.

I’ve now adopted a similar approach before starting a cycle of IVF (thanks Sue) and we recently introduced juicing to our diet. It helped in the beginning and I started off at my comfortable weight, however you can’t argue with the side effects of a cycle and I can feel the dreaded bloat creeping up as I type…..I’ll be browsing the Sunday supplements for trousers with elasticated waistbands before you know it. I’m not experiencing the full spectrum of side effects yet and have been spared the hot flushes so far, although for those who know me they’ll understand that I was quite looking forward to these as I’m perpetually cold, they would have been a little bonus in these chillier autumn climes.

In between all the talk of medical procedures and all the acronyms (soooooo many acronyms) I think it’s still the ‘diet’ and the ‘what you can/can’t eat or drink’ that confuses me the most out of everything. Forums, despite being amazing places for finding support and asking questions, can also confuse the hell out of you. “Drink plenty of milk…..but make sure it’s full fat…..and only after food”, “eat brazil nuts to improve your lining…..but not too many” and the worst offender pineapple….”eat the core, don’t eat the core, drink the juice but not from concentrate, DO NOT even look at a pineapple after midnight on a Tuesday or the embryo will not implant”. I may have exaggerated the final one slightly but you get my drift.

So for this cycle I’m taking a chilled approach. I’ll eat what I want, when I want….well maybe not everything I want as even chips can get boring after a while. So I’ll eat healthily for the majority of the time but everyone needs a takeaway now and again right? I’ve binned the caffeine for the most but might treat myself to a nice coffee on a weekend (the Queen of fertility Zita West said it’s ok, so them’s the rules) and of course the G & T’s have been consigned to Room 101 for the foreseeable….although I’m out for a family meal to celebrate my lovely mothers birthday on Saturday so I may have a glass of wine and I won’t beat myself up about it. Obviously once stimming starts I’ll be on my best behaviour, but for now, as a wise man Frankie once said, I’m going to RELAX!

Right, it’s lunchtime…….where’s that pineapple????


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