A (very) brief retrospective


As we started treatment back in June 2013 I thought I’d bring you bang up to date with a brief look back over the past year (and a bit).

In Feb 2013 and as part of the testing before starting IVF I visited my GP to ensure my smear was up to date. I should have known things weren’t going to go as smoothly as hoped from this appointment on…..to cut a long story short I was in there for around 50 minutes ‘legs akimbo’ while the nurse searched for my cervix. In the end 3 of her colleagues also came in to join the search, a real show of community spirit, I half expected the receptionist to pop in to see if she could help. Anyway, although they could see it it wasn’t having it and I was sent away and told to come back the following week for another go to see if they could coax it out of hiding. Dignity was out the window from that moment on.

Once that one out of the way I was then sent for hysterosalpingogram (HSG) an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes. For this procedure a small catheter is placed into the cervix and a dye is injected which will then show up any blockages or adhesion in the tubes. It’s already quite an uncomfortable experience but you sort of forget about it when your hips are raised up on 5 pillows, your fists are clenched under your bottom and the nurses are telling you to cough…..yes, the elusive cervix strikes again.

Throughout the treatment itself everything was really positive (apart from the end results obvs). From the 1st cycle they collected 12 eggs, 4 of which fertilized. We had 3 attempts during this cycle, 1 fresh 5 day blast was transferred in July 2013 = Negative, we started the treatment again on 1st Jan 2014 (a good omen we thought) in preparation for having 2 x 5 day blasts (aka Barry & Paul Chuckle) put back in Feb = Negative, and the final attempt was in May this year = Negative.

Despite how disheartening and upsetting it is every time you get a negative result, we’re excited, feeling positive and ready to go again. So drugs have been collected, caffeine and alcohol have been eliminated and partner is steeled for unexpected tantrums…..breakdown in the power tools aisle of B n Q anyone??? No, just me then!

Although it’s all more familiar this time it still feels like a thing that ‘proper’ grown ups do. Yes, I know we’re in our 30s and have all the attributes associated with being a grown up (we own display cushions and have ready access to Basil) but it still feels like the most grown up thing I’ve ever done.

Oh and 1 week in and I’m happy to report I have been tear free so far…..impressive eh?

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